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2019 Trends for Business Women 40+

Posted by Flor de Sol on Jan 28th 2019

2019 Trends for Business Women 40+

With a new year comes a chance for you to switch up your wardrobe or wear that article of clothing you’ve always wanted to. The workplace should be no different. When you look good, you feel good. Here at Flor de Sol, our priority is to make sure that you feel as bold and beautiful as you can, no matter where you are. We’ve highlighted 4 different trends that any businesswoman can try!

Playful Prints

There’s a stigma around wearing too loud or crazy of prints to work, and we’re advocating to put an end to that THIS year. 2019 is all about the bold, working woman. There’s no one stopping you from wearing that funky blouse you got to wear to work. Well, unless your work has a dress code. In that case, stick to the dress code, but we encourage a spice up of your wardrobe. The key to being able to wear that playful print of yours is to pair it with a solid or dark color. Pairing a print with something more solid will offset the look.

Flor de Sols Playful Print Pick: Leopard

On Twelfth Leopard Print Front Tie Blouse Pink Print Top w/ Front Tie

Pink Print Top w/ Front Tie


Alright, we know that plaid has come in and out of the fashion world faster than a freight train, but it’s back and better than ever before. The trick to making plaid work is to wear it without looking dated. If you want to look sophisticated and pull off that plaid blazer or pant you’ve been dying to wear, then you have to pair it with another feminine piece. Whether it be a dress or even pants, there’s always a way to make it work. Another key component to making plaid work is to accessorize. A little bit of glam can go a long way!


One of our favorite trends to hit the workplace—stripes in all forms. Slowly but surely, stripes in all forms have been making their way back, and they’ve never looked better! In or out of the office, stripes are taking over.

Some common examples of how to include stripes in your wardrobe are:

  • Striped Pencil Skirts
  • Pin Striped Trousers
  • Striped Blazers
  • Striped Blouses

Black & White Pin-Stripe Pants (With Front Tie)


Bows & Ties

Sometimes we find ourselves in the routine of wearing that plain button-down black or white shirt we have to work. Either because it’s comfortable or it simply just goes with everything, it’s your go-to. But if you’re tired of that plain black or white blouse, there are so many ways to mix it up. So start by including simple yet chic details like a bow or tie.

Multi Detailed Shirt

L/S Sweater & Chiffon Top w/Crochet Detail