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Let Your Wardrobe Bloom: Spring Essentials with Flor de Sol Boutique

Posted by Flor de Sol on Mar 20th 2019

Let Your Wardrobe Bloom: Spring Essentials with Flor de Sol Boutique

Featured is the ‘Ashley Dress’

Something That Will Never Go Out of Style: Floral Print

Okay, this is not to say that some floral doesn’t go out of style; but it is to prove that there is always some type of floral that is in style. Whether it be on your dress, skirt, swimsuits, pants, or even shoes there is always a way to do it right.

As we start to move into spring, you can include floral patterns that range from pastel colors to even bright and vivid colors.

Featured is the ‘Firebird Sunset Hi-Low Dress’

Let’s Talk Neon

The first of the two major color schemes you’re going to want to include in your spring wardrobe is neon. After all, neon is back and better than ever. As the sun starts to come out and temperatures get a bit warmer, we notice our mood starts to pick up. So, why not let that carry over to your closet?

Keep your outfits bright and positive just like your mood.

Featured is the ‘Mid Tie Dress’

Now, Let’s Talk Pastel

We already see visions of lavender and minty hues. One of the favorites for Spring 2019 is…wait for it...Sage Green. We would have to say it's the most subtle way to ease your wardrobe into the new season.

Featured is the ‘Tropical Romper’

Time to Bring out the Jumpsuits and Rompers!

It doesn’t get much easier than throwing on what feels like a onesie. The word ‘onesie’ might come with some preconceived ideas, but rompers and jumpsuits are the new go-to. Both styles are a fun way to be unique and mix up your wardrobe.

Featured is the ‘Estrella Halter’

How To Include Texture: . . . Puff Sleeves And Dramatic Ruffles

Who doesn’t love a little frill?

Adding that extra little something can make all the difference. This is why a little texture in the form of things like puff sleeves and dramatic ruffles are the perfect way to keep it fun, flirty and girly with your spring looks.