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Project Kids Quest


Helping our youth be all they can be through enhanced experiences ...

Disadvantaged and foster children see the world through life experiences. Our six-step program provides new experiences, enhancing their perspective and assisting them to make better future choices. 

We help our kids see the world in a different way. 

We are 100% volunteer run .... All proceeds go toward helping the children.

You can only imagine what situation prompted a child's removal from their home and placement in foster care ... or a child to become homeless. Between the adverse situation that prompted their removal and the perpetual disruption in their lives, how can we provide some insight, some glimmer of what the world could be ... what it would be if they make the right choice?

Our Mission

To provide a series of six experiences to engage the child, heighten their awareness and to see the world as it could be. To listen and to talk about people who have come from tragedy to triumph. To empower them to realize that their choices dictate what their future holds.

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