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Skin Care

New Bundle Deals!! Want Smaller Pores, Skin Brightening, Exfoliating, Antioxidant Rejuvenation and Moisturizing? Look No Farther! Check Out Flor de Sol Boutique!!!

OMG! Bouncing Mask


OMG! Bouncing Mask detoxifies your skin and purifies the clogged pores to revive the flow of hydration while dragon fruit seeds beads calm and soothe your sensitive skin to reduce the redness. Highly potent tea tree oil treats multiple forms of acne...

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OMG! Pulling Gel Kit


Kit comes with brush OMG! Pulling Gel gently pulls away stubborn blackheads, exfoliates with strawberry seeds and dissolves dead skin cells in the T-zone area to achieve a visibly clean complexion. Papaya Fruit Enzyme tightens pores while Alpha Hydroxy...

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I.M.BUDDYInnovative multi-functional buddy.Cellulite careScalp careFace careLymph careFoot careI.M.BUDDY applicator is an eco-friendly and flexible cleansing tool for the face and body. Silicone bristles gently cleanse and massage the skin while leaving...

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